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LC Catch-up

Wow, it’s been awhile, here goes…

the quick list

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beyond Corner Gas

A lot of people know Lorne as the cop on Corner Gas and wonder what Sgt. Davis Quinton gets up to since the comedy franchise has closed up shop. Read on for some of the festivities.

Sgt. Davis has LOTS going on outside of Dog River

recent, current + upcoming

Lorne worked alongside a very star-studded cast, and Executive Produced, a beautiful animated short film, Back Home Again.

Lorne’s in the cast (as narrator), and a consulting producer, on a fun + SUPER-cute children’s animated series, Mittens + Pants.

…and on the other end of the creative spectrum, Lorne’s the Director and Executive Producer on a dark, dusty feature-length thriller in development….more to come.

behind the scenes

  • The LC team recently switched to ConvertKit (we love it)
  • The LC team also switched to GoDaddy (we love it too)
  • My Through and Thru Films c0-founder put together a FREE design guide to help film biz people get to YES on their projects


Ok, Jake needs his walk…we’ll be back after a lonnnnnng, river soak.

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